Odinaka Ezeokoli is the son of steadfast traditional Nigerian immigrant parents who subjected him to a reversal of the plot to, “Coming To America,” in his teens.  Although born and raised in Georgia at 15 Odinaka’s parents sent him to Nigeria to complete high school in order to learn, “where he’s from.” Hormonal teen terror ensued but he survived. Growing up on two continents is what informs his perspective on stage while fueling feelings of being out of place everywhere else.

Odinaka stars in Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Netflix original“Easy,”  in an episode based around his life as a stand up comedian working two jobs to get by.  Not just an adept performer he has also written for multiple episodes of NPR’s irreverent news quiz show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.  And he can be seen in the much lauded  (and Emmy nominated) web series“Brown Girls,” on OpenTV .  He has performed with renowned comedy theater, The Second City, as part of the cast of, “Nothing To Lose But Our Chains.” A show the Washington Post called “the finest work the Second City has done” about the life of drug dealer turned armed robber turned comedian, Felonious Munk.

Odinaka’s versatile style has allowed him to open for acts ranging from Hannibal Buress to Marc Maron. He’s appeared on media outlets like Chicago Magazine, CBS Chicago, Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ), and Atlanta’s Creative Loafing and also performed at comedy festivals across the country such as Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Festival, Chicago’s Comedy Exposition and Iowa City’s inaugural Witching Hour Festival in 2015.